Farewell to chemotherapy?

3 March 2017 0

Chemotherapy. That’s the word Jana Hermann doesn’t want to hear under any circumstances. She has breast cancer; she received the diagnosis four weeks ago. She underwent surgery to remove one of her breasts and five [more]

Asking the value for money questions

1 December 2015 0

Delivering the best possible quality of cancer care to every patient requires getting value for money from scarce resources. BBC journalist Matthew Hill earned himself a Best Cancer Reporter Award for taking a critical look [more]

Asking the dumb questions

1 October 2015 0

It took ten years of immersion in the world of cancer research to produce the book that won Clifton Leaf a Best Cancer Reporter Lifetime Achievement award. But it started from a simple question: how [more]

The price of survival

1 January 2015 0

Broadcaster Katrin Zöfel showed the value of good journalism with her half-hour broadcast for Deutschlandfunk, German national radio, which told the stories of people living with long-term effects of being treated for cancer. More than [more]

The patient touts

1 May 2014 0

Christiane Hawranek and Marco Maurer, freelance print and radio journalists, won a Best Cancer Reporter Award for their exposé of the agencies that exploit foreign patients seeking treatment for cancer and other serious conditions. They [more]

Tobacco tactics in the headlines

1 March 2013 0

At a time when the British media has been under the spotlight for its for poor ethical standards, The Independent’s Big Tobacco Exposed series shows why good investigative journalism remains so important in opening powerful [more]

Shining a light on nanoparticle therapy

1 November 2010 0

Steering the right course between simplistic talk of ‘wonder drugs’ and baffling readers with unnecessary scientific detail can be tricky. Mark Henderson, of the UK national daily The Times, won a Best Cancer Reporter Award [more]

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