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1 December 2015 0
In this editorial, Alberto Costa, who has taken over from Kathy Redmond, pays tribute to her achievements, reaffirms the magazine’s founding principles, and flags up changes to style and content...... [ more ]

Kathy Redmond: We need to talk

1 December 2015 0
As founding editor of Cancer World, Kathy Redmond set out to open up debate on the future of cancer care in Europe. She started a conversation that a full range of professionals and patient advocates have joined. ... [ more ]

Getting serious about biosimilars

1 December 2015 0
As patents on the first generation of monoclonal antibodies begin to expire, the cancer community will need to get to grips with the unique issues involved in ensuring the safety and efficacy of copies of these complex drugs...... [ more ]

Dangerous Healers

1 December 2015 1
It’s not uncommon for people diagnosed with cancer to explore how alternative practitioners might help. Some can, or at least do no harm. But the chances of running into a charlatan whose advice could be fatal are shockingly high... [ more ]