Turning more than one page

5 January 2016 0
We at ESO are turning important pages in the history of our service to the European cancer community. We now invite you to turn the pages of Cancer World, which we hope you will find both an informative and enjoyable read.... [ more ]

Tipping the balance

5 January 2016 1
Almost four in ten serious adverse drug reactions now listed in the labels of 12 targeted cancer therapies were not mentioned in the studies that led to their approval. Half the serious reactions that were missed are potentially f... [ more ]

A strategic moment

5 January 2016 0
The world spends billions on trench warfare with cancer and makes slow progress with heavy collateral damage. New knowledge about the process of carcinogenesis and tumour growth is now fuelling calls for a change of strategy to fo... [ more ]

The road to global cancer care

5 January 2016 0
The world is experiencing new and powerful forces in global health, from the Sustainable Development Goals, and ‘grand convergences’ to what is now the central totem in global health – universal health coverage. For cancer control... [ more ]