Addicted to wonder drugs

Number 33

1 November 2009 0

When stories exaggerate the implications of the latest research, is this the fault of the media? Asession on reporting cancer breakthroughs found pressure also comes from researchers and pharmaceutical companies. Maybe the greatest pressure comes [more]

If nothing is done…

Number 27

1 November 2008 0

The more we know about cancer, the harder it becomes to present a coherent and accurate picture of the nature of the threat and what can–and what cannot –be achieved through changing lifestyles, screening and [more]

From plan to practice

The French Cancer plan of 2003 raised expectations among the public and patients.This article, which looks at how a key measure is being implemented in practice, was one of several stories that earned Paul Benkimoun [more]

The write stuff

Number 15

1 November 2006 0

Cancer has a pretty poor public image. Myths and misconceptions fuel negative attitudes and ignorance about the disease. The media, in turn, can either fuel these misconceptions, or it can challenge them. Download full article

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