Cancer Journalist Grant winners


The following journalists have been award a Cancer Journalist Grant this year and are currently working on their reports:
Patrick Njoroge (Kenya) – Esophageal cancer in Kenya
Astrid Viciano (Germany) – Drug prices in the EU
Taras Zozulinskyy (Ukraine) – Cancer in Ukraine – conditions, treatment, corruption

Past winners


The 2015 Cancer World Journalist Grant was assigned to Sophie Fessl from Austria for her story proposal on the problem of drug development in paediatric oncology, where survival rates have stalled over the past 10 years. You can view Sophie’s final article here.


In 2014 a grant was awarded to two European freelance journalists: Maria Delaney from Ireland for her story proposal on Systematic BRCA Screening and to Prune Antoine from France for her proposal to write an article on the long-terms effects on having been treated for and survived paediatric cancer.
Maria Delaney’s article, Who should we screen for the BRCA gene? appears in Issue 67 of Cancer World and was also published in Ars Technica.
Prune Antoine’s article, Rerouted, not derailed: resuming a young life after cancer appeared in Cancer World 68.