• Cancer clinical trials recruit younger and younger patients

    15 July 2019 0

    Cancer clinical trial participants are significantly younger than the incident disease population. This age imbalance is particularly evident in industry-sponsored trials and raises concerns regarding the applicability of trial results. Seminal data from decades ago already demonstrated a marked underrepresentation of older patients in clinical trials: now a group of researchers from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre analysed more than 300 randomised clinical trials (RCTs) and verified not only that the disparity persists but the gap between trial and population median ages is widening. [more]

  • New evidence supports inverse association between cancer and Alzheimer 

    8 July 2019 0
    Among patients with a history of cancer, risk of Alzheimer disease (AD) might be lower: a study published in JAMA Network Open showed that elderly cancer patients had modestly higher memory function and slower memory decline both before and after [more]
  • Social networks and digital oncology to reach young patients with cancer

    26 June 2019 0
    The scientific community should always be on the same page as the patients, and in order to really meet the needs of adolescents and young adults (AYA) a smart and flexible digital system is somehow mandatory in cancer care, according [more]
  • Novel hematological therapies were the main focus of the EHA congress

    24 June 2019 0
    Several new agents and combination therapies for the treatments of haematological malignant and non-malignant diseases were presented at the 24th congress of the European Haematology Association (EHA) that took place 13-16 June 2019 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). “In these days, [more]


  • Why the Cancer World Journalism Award is more important than ever

    15 July 2019 0

    What’s the real story? This month Cancer World launches its latest Journalism Award, and it’s more important than it’s ever been. A year ago, the overall winner of the last award explained why it meant so much to her.

    “I am glad that the voices of the poorest Indian cancer patients are heard across the world and I hope there is an improvement in their access to treatment,” said Swagata [more]


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