ABC4, Lisbon 2017: day two report

13 November 2017 1
Day two of ABC-Lisbon featured a pioneer in metastatic breast cancer advocacy, Musa Mayer, who gave the ABC Award lecture. Mayer told the history of how the “silent voices” of women with advanced disease came eventually to be hear... [ more ]

A is for apple (but not always in Africa)

26 October 2017 0
In many books used for teaching the alphabet to children, the letter A is associated to an apple: the association may seem obvious, but usually it is not so for an African child: in Africa A is not for apple, but more likely for a... [ more ]

The (overrated) power of the hazard ratio

24 October 2017 0
«Maybe in our fight against cancer we are just looking at the wrong endpoints, focusing our attention on techinicalities like the hazard ratio of a trial instead of thinking at the best way to help the patient improving its qualit... [ more ]

Cancer prevention, bad luck and bad wording

31 March 2017 0
Cancer, genetics, “bad luck” and prevention through lifestyle: two years after their first study that tried to quantify the random mutations that accumulate during stem cell divisions in healthy cells and drive cancer in different... [ more ]

Personalized oncology: too good to be true?

6 October 2016 0
Is there too much hype surrounding personalized oncology? An article just published on The New England Journal of Medicine (available only to subscribers) essentially invites to use more caution: «There should be a clear message t... [ more ]