Tipping the balance

5 January 2016 0

Almost four in ten serious adverse drug reactions now listed in the labels of 12 targeted cancer therapies were not mentioned in the studies that led to their approval. Half the serious reactions that were [more]

Goodbye or arrivederci?

1 October 2015 0

Our new vocabulary – gene, genome, molecular, targeted, personalised – no longer inspires the confidence it once did, and as the cancer community prepares to gather at the 18th ECCO – 40th ESMO European Cancer [more]

Asking the dumb questions

1 October 2015 0

It took ten years of immersion in the world of cancer research to produce the book that won Clifton Leaf a Best Cancer Reporter Lifetime Achievement award. But it started from a simple question: how [more]

Change must come from within

1 July 2014 0

Is progress against cancer is being stifled because young researchers are obliged to spend their best years competing for grants within a system biased against innovation? Half a century ago, a man named Denis Burkitt [more]