A quiet revolution

Number 7

1 September 2005 0

Every two years, doctors specialising in breast cancer gather in St Gallen to discuss developments and update guidelines on adjuvant therapies. It is always an important conference, but its conclusions tend to be measured rather [more]

A stronger voice within Europe

Number 8

1 September 2005 0

An opportunity is opening up for Europe’s cancer community to increase its influence over health and research policies, by overcoming its fragmentation to speak with a single voice. Download full article

Balancing safety against need

When Pfizer followed Merck & co in withdrawing one of their COX-2 inhibitors from the market owing to increased risks of cardiovascular complications, it provided a timely reminder that medicines are not without their risks. [more]

The power of words

Number 5

1 March 2005 0

Blogging – a novel form of Internet communication – is starting to enter the cancer world. A ‘blogger’ is someone who posts their thoughts and opinions to an online journal (called a ‘web log’ or [more]

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