COVID-19: Cancer World editor and immunologist Adriana Albini explains how it works and how researchers are hoping to tame it

International collaboration, data sharing and investing in research is how we’ll tame the COVID-19 virus, explains Cancer World editor Adriana Albini. An immunologist now on the Board of Directors of the American Association of Cancer Research, Albini was part of the huge and successful international research effort to tame the HIV epidemic in the 1990s. In this 11 minute video, published by Rutherford medicine, she explains how COVID-19 differs from earlier forms of coronavirus, discusses what we know about it and what we need to find out, and looks at different approaches to getting it under control.

In a Rapid Response letter to the BMJ (British Medical Journal), Albini and colleague teamed up with the Head of Cardiology Unit at San Giuseppe MultiMedica Hospital (Milan) to examine what the epidemiological and scientific data can tell us about the link between hypertension, severe effects from COVID-19, and the implications for patient management.

Click here to watch the video:

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