Cancer prevention, bad luck and bad wording

31 March 2017 0

Cancer, genetics, “bad luck” and prevention through lifestyle: two years after their first study that tried to quantify the random mutations that accumulate during stem cell divisions in healthy cells and drive cancer in different [more]


1 October 2015 0

Elderly breast cancer patients do not benefit from radiotherapy => European Journal of Cancer Most elderly patients with pT1 breast cancer treated by quadrantectomy do not benefit from radiotherapy, the results of 15 years of [more]

Learning the art of leadership

1 October 2014 0

A course teaching leadership skills to cancer clinicians is proving a hit among the growing number of oncologists now finding themselves being asked to take on management roles. According to a 2012 report from Leeds [more]

Are tumour boards defunct?

1 March 2014 0

The complexity of cancer, the risks and benefits associated with alternative treatment options, the care needs of patients, all point to the need for input from specialists in many disciplines. But are regular face-to-face multidisciplinary [more]

Practising in partnership with Dr Google

1 November 2013 0

Online communities can help patients learn about and weigh up the options open to them. Where enough patients are involved, they are also helping to shape those options, opening up new opportunities for accelerating research [more]

Me and my cancer

1 January 2013 0

Journalists who write about their own cancer journeys are able to convey important insights in a language that people understand – and are eager to read It is not surprising that a lot of journalists [more]

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