Can advanced-stage ovarian cancer be cured?

31 October 2016 0

Treatment of advanced-stage ovarian cancer should comprise optimal debulking surgery followed by adjuvant intraperitoneal chemotherapy. Steven Narod, from Women’s College Research Institute, Toronto, Canada, argues that widespread adoption of this model would increase cure rates [more]


1 November 2013 0

Selected reports edited by Janet Fricker Cancer survivors less likely to be treated for infertility => Lancet Oncology Although women who survive childhood cancer face increased risks of infertility, nearly two-thirds who had tried unsuccessfully [more]

Shall we try for a baby?

1 January 2010 0

Deciding to start a family is the most momentous decision many people will ever take. For someone living with a cancer diagnosis, new life can seem particularly important, but it also carries particular risks. Download [more]

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