Stigma: breaking the vicious cycle

1 July 2013 0

Stigma breeds silence, which fuels the fear and ignorance that feeds the stigma. Breaking this vicious circle not only makes life easier for people with cancer, but can also change public attitudes towards prevention and [more]

Tobacco tactics in the headlines

1 March 2013 0

At a time when the British media has been under the spotlight for its for poor ethical standards, The Independent’s Big Tobacco Exposed series shows why good investigative journalism remains so important in opening powerful [more]

Mary Gospodarowicz: Just do it

1 July 2012 0

Implement guidelines, adopt what works and reject what doesn’t, focus on cost-effectiveness–there are so many ways cancer care could be improved. Mary Gospodarowicz, believer, pragmatist and ‘raving optimist’, is determined to make it happen. Implement [more]

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