These COVID days


15 October 2020 0

‘Tackling cancer in interesting times’ was the theme of my first Editorial for Cancer World. I wrote that at the start of February this year, at a time when Europe remained largely oblivious to the [more]

Cancer prevention, bad luck and bad wording

31 March 2017 0

Cancer, genetics, “bad luck” and prevention through lifestyle: two years after their first study that tried to quantify the random mutations that accumulate during stem cell divisions in healthy cells and drive cancer in different [more]

A viral campaign recruits lemons against breast cancer

23 January 2017 0

A brilliant visual campaign called «Know your Lemons» (hashtag #knowyourlemons), launched by a British charity to increase awareness about breast cancer prevention, become viral on social media, with over 7 million views in a few days just on Facebook alone. The [more]

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