Radiotherapy-related skin reactions

Number 72

21 June 2016 0

Acute skin reactions associated with radiotherapy can be distressing and can lead to treatment interruption. Anticipating, assessing and managing the problem according to best evidence can make a big difference. Radiotherapy-related toxicity occurs because of [more]

Biology in the bunker

Number 63

1 December 2014 0

Advances in imaging and molecular biology are opening up a wealth of new avenues for research and treatment in radiotherapy. But could progress be held back by a lack of public awareness of the potential [more]


Selected reports edited by Janet Fricker Optimal time for initiation of adjuvant chemotherapy according to subtype => Journal of Clinical Oncology Time delays in initiation of adjuvant chemotherapy have an adverse effect on outcomes for [more]


Number 50

1 September 2012 0

Selected reports edited by Janet Fricker Preoperative chemoradio-therapy improves survival in oesophageal cancer => New England Journal of Medicine Preoperative chemoradiotherapy improves survival among patients with potentially curable oesophageal or oesophagogastric-junction cancers, a phase III [more]

Charged particle therapy

Number 38

1 September 2010 0

Charged particle therapy has been known for 60 years as an alternative radiotherapy, more precise and potentially more safe and/or effective for some patients. But there are calls for caution until more robust clinical evidence [more]

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