Team members learn from one another

Number 85

17 March 2019 1

“Multidisciplinary team meetings have become meaningless.” “It’s a rubber stamp.” “It’s a bureaucratic exercise.” These comments, made by oncologists from a number of countries at an ESO meeting to discuss training needs, paint quite a [more]

Goodbye or arrivederci?

Number 68

1 October 2015 0

Our new vocabulary – gene, genome, molecular, targeted, personalised – no longer inspires the confidence it once did, and as the cancer community prepares to gather at the 18th ECCO – 40th ESMO European Cancer [more]


Number 50

1 September 2012 0

Selected reports edited by Janet Fricker Preoperative chemoradio-therapy improves survival in oesophageal cancer => New England Journal of Medicine Preoperative chemoradiotherapy improves survival among patients with potentially curable oesophageal or oesophagogastric-junction cancers, a phase III [more]