Winning where it matters

Number 86

30 May 2019 0

We’re winning the war on cancer on a scientific level but losing it in the real world. That was the conclusion reached by 100 top researchers, clinicians and advocates at the first World Oncology Forum [more]

Chernobyl 20 years on

Estimates of the death toll from the nuclear reactor disaster at Chernobyl vary widely depending on who you listen to. But with leukaemia rates still rising, and a recent marked increase in solid tumours among [more]

All in the blood

Number 8

1 September 2005 0

Despite being home to three generations of Pavlovskys – Alfredo, the founder, Santiago, now medical director, and Astrid a fellow – Fundaleu is no family firm. On the contrary, it was the Pavlovskys’ commitment to [more]