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    Explaining Europe’s survival gaps

    Eurocare, the landmark series of studies comparing survival of cancer patients among European countries, has been profoundly important in focusing attention on the quality of Europe’s cancer services over the past two decades. Now in [more]
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    Accelerating progress in immunotherapy

    The concept is attractive, the results in some patients have been stunning, but what will it take to extend these impressive responses to wider groups of patients? Peter McIntyre reports. There is a growing sense [more]
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    Tipping the balance

    Almost four in ten serious adverse drug reactions now listed in the labels of 12 targeted cancer therapies were not mentioned in the studies that led to their approval. Half the serious reactions that were [more]
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    Unleashing the potential of prevention

    The revised European Cancer Code, launched last October, gives clear and concise information on what people can do to lower their own cancer risk. But until policy makers – and doctors – take prevention more [more]
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    Multiparametric MRI in prostate cancer

    This egrandround was first presented by Caroline Moore, from University College Hospital London, as a live webcast for the European School of Oncology. It is edited by Susan Mayor. The webcast of this and other [more]
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    A journey to the heart of the EMA

    Flexibility and goodwill have allowed patient involvement in the work of Europe’s drug regulators to develop at an impressive pace. But will they be enough to withstand the strains on the relationship exerted by financial [more]

Hello, my name is Kate Granger

Her campaign to bring a human touch to healthcare, which she carries on even through the tough final stages of cancer, has had widespread impact and brought international acclaim. Simon Crompton talked to the woman [more]
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