Safety First, Safety Always

14 May 2019 0

European Cancer Nursing Day (ECND2019) on 18 May sees the launch of the EONS Safety Manifesto. Here, EONS President Lena Sharp describes how this new initiative from the European Oncology Nursing Society will have a [more]

Demystifying morphine and hospice in Africa

6 December 2018 0

In Africa, palliative care equals death. Not because hospices are ill equipped, or governments have grossly neglected the patients, but because of cultural biases. Few households talk about end-of-life care even if a patient has [more]

Sharing with an unwelcome partner

24 November 2017 0

The other day someone asked me what it feels like living, day in day out, with a cancer. I’ve been thinking about the answer to that question since. I don’t really think I have a [more]

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